Download E-books The Universal Vehicle Discourse Literature (Mahāyānasūtrālaṁkāra): by Maitreyanātha/Āryāsaṅga, together with its Commentary (Bhāṣya) by Vasubandhu (Treasury of Buddhist Sciences) PDF

The common motor vehicle Discourse Literature (Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra) was once transmitted from the bodhisattva Maitreyanātha to Āryā Āsaṅga, the fourth-century Indian Buddhist scholar-adept. the main foundational of the set of the recognized 5 Teachings of Maitreya, the Discourse Literature is taken into account the wellspring of what the Tibetans name the “magnificent deeds development of the path,” the compassion facet, which balances the “profound view pattern of the path,” the knowledge part. The Discourse Literature can be thought of to be metaphysically aligned with and foundational for the Idealist (Vijñānavādin) institution of Mahāyāna notion. Translated from Sanskrit, Tibetan, and chinese language by means of Lobsang Jamspal, Robert Thurman, and the AIBS workforce, the current paintings encompasses a totally annotated, serious English rendition of the Discourse Literature in addition to its statement (bhāṣya) through Āsaṅga’s brother, Vasubandhu. it is also an creation masking crucial historic and philosophical subject matters, a bibliography, and a close index. This long-awaited paintings is the founding cornerstone of the AIBS Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences sequence.

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Download E-books Light of Wisdom, The Conclusion PDF

The mild of knowledge, the realization, offers distinct causes of the actions of a Vajra grasp and Buddhist practices to transparent away stumbling blocks at the direction and improve attention. The booklet is a mixture of 3 texts:
The root textual content, The sluggish direction of the knowledge Essence is oral directions of Padmasambhava, recorded by means of his leader girl disciple, Yeshe Tsogyal. Padmasambhava proven the Buddhist doctrine in Tibet in the course of the 8 century. He hid teachings within the type of hidden treasures, to be published at a suitable time sooner or later. the sunshine of knowledge by means of Jamgön Kongtrül, the most famous Buddhist masters of nineteenth-century Tibet, is an intensive statement in this sacred scripture. getting into the trail of knowledge includes annotations at the observation by way of Jamyang Drakpa, a scholar of Jamgön Kongtrül, dictated to Jokyab Rinpoche.

The root textual content of Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo, a terma printed via the good treasure-finder Chokgyur Lingpa, and its statement through Kongtrül Rinpoche, the good translator in individual, shape jointly a whole scripture that embodies all of the tantras, statements and directions of the Nyingma college of the early translations, that's so much infrequent to discover long ago, current, or destiny. …I locate it very important that every one Dharma practitioners learn and replicate upon this book.
? Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

It is right that it'll be particularly tricky to perform the full slow direction of the knowledge Essence, so that you should still use what's without delay acceptable on your education. it really is by no means acknowledged so you might perform a whole root textual content as gentle of knowledge comprises the entire direction for other kinds of people, either one of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. yet due to the fact that its name is the knowledge Essence, it implies that its final perform is Dzogchen.
? Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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Download E-books Food of Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Teachings on Abstaining from Meat PDF

Based at the teachings of the Buddha, this e-book bargains the main compelling and impassioned indictment of meat-eating to be present in Tibetan literature and is pertinent to an individual drawn to vegetarianism as an ethical or non secular factor. The Buddha's teachings convey how harmful behavior will be tested and reworked progressively from inside. the purpose isn't really to repress one's wish for meat and animal items by means of strength of will, yet to enhance heartfelt compassion and sensitivity to the pain of animals, in order that the need to take advantage of and feed on them clearly dissolves.

There are texts awarded the following. One is an excerpt from Shabkar's Book of Marvels, along with quotations from the Buddhist scriptures and the lessons of masters of Tibetan Buddhism that argue opposed to the intake of meat, with Shabkar's statement. the second one, the Nectar of Immortality , is Shabkar's discourse at the significance of constructing compassion for animals.

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Download E-books Vajra Speech: A Commentary on The Quintessence of Spiritual Practice, The Direct Instructions of the Great Compassionate One PDF

Vajra Speech, by means of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, popular for his
extra­ordinary event and consciousness, is a large ranging
collection of pith directions for the Dzogchen yogi. This Tibetan
master’s suggestion reduces adverse feelings and naturally
enables loving kindness, compassion and knowledge to flourish.
“A swan can separate water and milk whilst ingesting. The
yogi might be just like the swan in sepa score the milk of original
wakefulness from the water of ignorance.”
—Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
“Compared to decades learning books and going through
analytical meditation, we came across it more advantageous to invite questions
of Tulku Urgyen and hear his answers.”
—Orgyen Topgyal Rinpoche

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Download E-books The Preliminary Practice of Altar Set-up & Water Bowl Offerings eBook PDF

This e-book presents an entire clarification of ways to establish a private altar, the best way to make water bowl choices, and the way to supply them within the such a lot wide and precious method. This variation contains details on water bowls, meditations to exploit whereas doing the perform, and a mantra to recite whilst removal nutrition choices from the altar to prevent developing the karma of stealing from the Triple Gem.

Contents Include:

- Altar Set-up and Water Bowl Offerings

- The perform of delivering via Lama Zopa Rinpoche

- guidance for finishing 100,000 Water Bowl Offerings

- vast providing Practice

- gentle providing Prayer by means of Lama Atisha

- Appendix: how you can Fill a Small Statue

40 Pages. 2016 variation.

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Download E-books Consciousness At The Crossroads: Conversations With The Dalai Lama On Brain Science And Buddhism PDF

By B. Alan Wallace

Equipped through the brain and lifestyles Institute, this dialogue addresses one of the most complex questions that experience pushed a wedge among Western technology and faith. Consciousness on the Crossroads resulted from conferences of the Dalai Lama and a gaggle of eminent neuroscientists and psychiatrists. Is the brain an ephemeral part impact of the brain's actual techniques? Are there types of attention so refined that technological know-how has now not but pointed out them? How does attention occur? The Dalai Lama's incisive, open-minded strategy either demanding situations and gives idea to Western scientists. The publication is composed basically of debate and excessive, frank conversations among the Dalai Lama and contributors.

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Download E-books Tibetan Treasure Literature: Revelation, Tradition, And Accomplishment In Visionary Buddhism PDF

By Andreas Doctor

The Treasure culture of the Nyingma college of Tibetan Buddhism is richly permeated with ask yourself and controversy. This certain and mysterious culture embraces revelation because the fundamental route to non secular awakening. Over the process Tibetan heritage, revelations often called Treasures were found, hidden in nature, or have emerged without delay from the nice minds of the Nyingma university, making a profound and lasting influence on Tibetan non secular society and tradition. This e-book discusses vital topics within the historical past and perform of Treasure revelation and provides translations of seminal texts of the culture. It encompasses a dialogue via the well known grasp Ju Mipham (1846–1912) of the standards during which to judge the authenticity of these who declare to have stumbled on such Buddhist scriptures. furthermore, it introduces (for the 1st time within the West) the culture and revelations of a big Treasure revealer of the 19th century.

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Download E-books Long Lives and Untimely Deaths: Life-Span Concepts and Longevity Practices Among Tibetans in the Darjeeling Hills, India (Brill's Tibetan Studies Library) PDF

By Barbara Gerke

Durability and long-life practices were a pan-Tibetan crisis for a long time, yet have hardly ever been studied via anthropologists. This ebook provides ethnographic debts and textual fabric demonstrating how Tibetans within the Darjeeling Hills, India, view the life-span and map out convinced life-forces in quite a few parts of information. those life-forces keep on with day-by-day, per 30 days, and annual cycles. Divinations and astrological calculations are greatly yet varyingly utilized by Tibetans to evaluate the energy of life-forces and forecast tricky sessions of their lives. Loss, exhaustion, or periodic weaknesses of life-forces are handled medically or via Tibetan Buddhist practices and rituals. In most of these occasions, temporality and organization are deeply interlinked within the ways that Tibetans increase their energy, delay their life-spans, and keep away from premature deaths. "

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Download E-books How to Free Your Mind: The Practice of Tara the Liberator PDF

By Thubten Chodron

Tara, the female embodiment of enlightened task, is a Buddhist deity whose Tibetan identify potential "liberator," signaling her skill to free up beings from the fantasy and lack of knowledge that hold them trapped in ever-recurring styles of negativity. She embodies a challenge—to remodel our minds and turn into like her, whose tranquility, compassion, and knowledge make her so beautiful—but person who is profoundly nurturing. within the author's phrases, "We can chill out in her presence and examine ourselves in truth, realizing that Tara won't pass judgement on, reject, or abandon us as a result of our shortcomings. Like a mom, she sees her kid's potential—in this situation, our religious strength or Buddha-nature—and desires to nurture it." Ven. Chodron describes an easy meditation on Tara, explaining its advantages and its software to lifestyle. She then provides well-loved praises to Tara, including reflections on their meanings for contemporary practitioners. integrated listed below are the "Homage to the Twenty-one Taras," verses which are often chanted in Tibetan monasteries and houses, and "A music of eager for Tara, the Infallible," via Lama Lobsang Tenpey Gyaltsen.

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