Download E-books The Mystic Mind: The Psychology of Medieval Mystics and Ascetics PDF

A attention-grabbing collaboration among a medieval historian and a professor of psychiatry, this enchanting ebook applies sleek organic and mental examine findings to the lives of medieval mystics and ascetics.

Drawing upon a database of over 1,400 medieval holy individuals and in-depth reviews of person saints, this illuminating examine examines the connection among medieval mystical reports, the spiritual practices of mortification; laceration of the flesh, sleep deprivation and severe hunger, and the way those activities  produced altered states of cognizance and mind functionality within the heroic ascetics.

Examining and disputing a lot modern writing concerning the political and gender motivations within the medieval quest for a closeness with God, this can be crucial analyzing for a person with an curiosity in medieval faith or the results of self-injurious behaviour at the mind.

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Download E-books Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation PDF

By Aryeh Kaplan

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan has translated Sefer Yetzirah, the oldest and so much mysterious of all kabbalistic texts, and now brings its theoretical, meditative, and magical implications to mild. He expounds at the dynamics of the non secular area, the worlds of the Sefirot, souls, and angels. whilst appropriately understood, Sefer Yetzirah turns into the guide for a really distinctive form of meditation intended to reinforce focus and to assist the advance of telekinetic and telepathic powers. --This textual content refers to an out of print or unavailable version of this name.

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Download E-books Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World's Great Physicists PDF

Here's a selection of writings that bridges the distance among technology and faith. Quantum Questions collects the paranormal writings of every of the foremost physicists considering the invention of quantum physics and relativity, together with Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, and Max Planck. the decisions are written in nontechnical language and may be of curiosity to scientists and nonscientists alike.

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Download E-books Heart Without Measure: Gurdjieff Work with Madame de Salzmann PDF

By Ravi Ravindra

Heart with out Measure is a set of excerpts from the journals of Ravi Ravindra, giving a glimpse of the intense existence and educating of Madame Jeanne de Salzmann and the Gurdjieff paintings throughout the eyes of 1 of her scholars. Ravindra’s account of his conferences, letters and encounters with Madame de Salzmann is deeply intimate, but it's not basically own. His questions, doubts and insights usually are not in contrast to our personal. In those reminiscences of a student, we listen Madame de Salzmann’s voice; the readability of her conception and the strength of her perception are obvious throughout.

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Download E-books The Way of Divine Union PDF

"The manner of Divine Union is the crown of all of the counsels...." the best way of Divine Union is the way in which of the magical Quest, and the paranormal finish is an previous identify for the attained Union. Now, the identify of Mysticism and the denomination of Mystic have gone through a variety of bad ordeals of their relatively short heritage; but they're phrases which-in modem times-have been used to differentiate the top process and item of the examine which it entered into the center of guy to conceive or stick with, and never merely these disciples of the trail who've embraced the tactic, yet those that have reached its object(from the 1st chapter). this can be the vintage learn of mysticism through the respected trailblazer of contemporary occultism, now to be had once more from Golem Media.

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Download E-books Geosophia: The Argo of Magic I PDF

By Jake Stratton-Kent

Geosophia lines the advance of magic from the Greeks to the grimoires, laying naked the chthonic roots of goetic ritual. by means of exposing the necromantic origins of a lot of contemporary magic we will reconnect with the resource of our ritual culture. there's a continuity of perform within the West which encompasses the pre-Olympian cults of Dionysus and Cybele, is located within the Greek Magical Papyri and Picatrix and flows into the grimoires. instead of a clutter of superstition, the grimoire culture is published because the dwelling descendant of the traditional practices of the Goes.
This is a piece which redefines our figuring out of the Western culture, one that doesn't commence with Cabbala or Solomon, yet particularly descends into the Underworld and brings forth new lifestyles. the writer illuminates scarce and neglected texts with an incisive statement, from volcanic conjurations to over 70 pages facing Picatrix. Following the voyage of the Argonauts, Geosophia deals biographies of the heroes and gods, and discovers the hidden magical meanings and value in their activities and adventures.

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Download E-books Calming the Mind: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on the Cultivation of Meditative Quiescence PDF

By B. Alan Wallace

To stabilize the brain in one-pointed focus is the root of all kinds of meditation. Gen Lamrimpa was once a meditation grasp who lived in a meditation hut in Dharamsala and who have been referred to as to coach by way of the Dalai Lama. He leads the meditator step by step during the phases of meditation and earlier the various hindrances that come up alongside the best way. He discusses the characteristics of brain that signify each one of 9 degrees of attainment and the six psychological powers.

This ebook used to be formerly titled Shamatha Meditation.

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